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Birmingham Hip Replacement:

 Hip Replacement Surgery can be the solution to get patients back to their active lifestyles, while using the most advanced techniques to preserve more of the original bone.

High Tibial Osteotomy:

 We understand how vital proper knee function is to a person’s overall motion and comfort and therefore offer High Tibial Osteotomy surgery. We will work to provide patients with the shortest recovery time and will try all in our power to avoid future total knee replacement.

Leading ACL Procedures:

 ACL injuries can be beyond debilitating – that’s why at Sports Medicine South we offer the leading ACL procedures to get you back to your active lifestyle.

Rotator Cuff Repairs:

 With advancements in surgical techniques, rotator cuff repairs are now more minimally invasive than ever – ensuring patients with a shorter, more comfortable recovery time.

Meniscus Repairs:

 Meniscus injuries are very common in athletes; but at Sports Medicine South we make sure to ensure an individualized treatment plan – providing the best recovery options for all ages and lifestyles.

Total/Partial Knee Replacements:

Osteoarthritis and degeneration of the knee affects millions world wide. This wear and tear of the joint cartilage can be painful and inhibit the quality of life. Dr. Levengood offers innovative total and partial knee replacements using ConforMIS, a completely personalized implant.


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