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Testimonial – John "Mike" East.

My wife Carolyn and I have been traveling out west to snow ski for the past 22 years.We have enjoyed skiing in several locations including Canada, Colorado, Utah, and Montana. Despite many falls over the years, I fortunately had never been seriously injured until March 2012. At that time, I fractured my tibial plateau, at Big Sky, Montana, while skiing in deep powder and ended up jamming my left leg against a large rock. Though my knee hurt, I kept skiing, not realizing the severity of my injury.

My care from Dr. Levengood started that same Saturday night of my injury when I called him directly from Big Sky. I followed his instructions and proper protocols until I returned home a week later. Once home, my office visit at Sports Medicine South revealed that I had finally gotten my first broken bone in 68 years and the next day I went in for surgery to repair my injury.

From the time I initially called Dr. Levengood, through the surgery, appointments, and into rehabilitation, I received first class medical attention from the great staff at Sports Medicine South. Despite being a severe injury, my tibial plateau has never given me a problem since completeing my rehabilitation. The medical care I received was exceptional, but the thing I remember most is how well I was treated by each member of the staff. Thanks to you, Dr. Levengood and your team for getting me back on the slopes. We skied in Telluride, Colorado,this past year, and I did the best six days of skiing ever

-Mike East, patient of Sports Medicine South
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