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Testimonial – Cameron Faulkner.

What sport do you play and for how long have you been playing?

I have been playing football since I was in 1st grade.

Tell us about your sports career at Brookwood?

I played both football and baseball until I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my sophomore year. This occurred during spring football practice and I went through surgery and rehabilitation during baseball season. This made me have to choose to concentrate on football only. I got back out on the football field towards the end of my sophomore year for the last couple games after 7 hard months of rehabilitation. Going into my junior year and first year on Varsity I went into spring practice and again had a huge injury and tore my shoulder up pretty bad. I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labral cartilage in my shoulder which required surgery. Through diligent rehabilitation I got back on the field and started at linebacker and defensive end along with all special teams my junior year. I worked out all offseason strengthening my muscles and coming together with my team. Senior year approached and I stayed healthy this time and was feeling great. I was moved to fullback and together with my team we earned the region title and then won the State Championship! It felt great to be healthy and contributing and to put Brookwood back on the football map in the state of Georgia. I had a great year and am very determined to keep my body healthy at the next level.

 What happened, how did you get injured?

Both of my injuries to my knee and shoulder occurred during spring practice of my Sophomore and Junior year.

Where did you go for treatment?

I was treated by Dr. Gary Levengood at Sports Medicine South, who is our team doctor. He is always on the sidelines at all the games. I did physical therapy with Curt Bazemore at Sports Medicine South along with our Brookwood High school trainer Jay Pearson, ATC with Gwinnett Medical Center. Jay, who has been the athletic trainer at Brookwood for 10 years did a great job of making sure I stuck with all my training and coached me through my strengthening workouts. It was great that I could do most of my rehabilitation at school and not have to miss a bunch of class time.

How did you hear about your doctor?

Dr. Levengood is a legend, He has been Brookwood’s team doctor for 15 years and he is always available for us. He is always on the sideline for something like 185 consecutive games, or coming to see us in the training room. He and our trainer Jay make a great team.

What makes him different from other doctors you have seen?

He cares more about how you feel …He tells you the truth about your condition. I feel confident he’s the best and knew he would get me back on the field as quick and as safely as possible as he has done for so many professional and high school athletes.

What did he do for you?

He reconstructed my ACL and then the next year reconstructed my shoulder, two years back to back. Through all of it he was very reassuring and encouraged me to continue to work hard to achieve my goals.

 Why was therapy so important to getting you back in the game?

If you don’t take therapy seriously you are not going to have a chance to perform at a high level and you can end up back in the same spot you were when you injured it.

 How are you now? Are you recovered? What are your plans for the future?

I am fully recovered and am going to play college football on scholarship at Bethel University in Tennessee. I want to play football as long as I can and then carry over my hard work ethic into being a strength and conditioning coach/ nutritionist for a college

weight lifting program. I’d like to thank Dr. Levengood, Jay Pearson, and Curt Bazemore and the team at Sports Medicine South for helping me return to football and achieve all my goals. Go Broncos!

Cameron Faulkner, patient







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