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Career & Internship Opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Sports Medicine South aims to provide as many educational and career opportunities as possible. We have a diverse set of needs within our offices – both medical and administrative based.

Please see our list below for all current job openings. If you feel you are right for the position, please follow the link to submit your resume to our offices. If you do not see a position that suites your career goals, please submit your resume to for future consideration.

Medical Assistant w/ X-Ray Certification


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Clinical Support

  • Greets patients and escorts them from the waiting room to exam rooms; prepares patients for exam or treatment
  • Reviews medical history with patients and updates information in EMR accordingly
  • Takes patient vitals to include Height, Weight, B/P, Respiration, and Temperature; logs vitals on flow sheet and into EMR accordingly
  • Orders X-Rays for physicians according to their specified protocols
  • Performs X-ray testing under the supervision/direction of the treating Physician
  • Imports diagnostic images from outside imaging centers on CDs into PACS (digital imaging software); organizes in house images into briefcases within PACS
  • Performs a clinical review of charts for upcoming appointments at least two days prior to appointment date
  • Assists physicians with suture and staple removal, minor procedures, and fracture reductions in office
  • Replenishes supplies, sets up and cleans exam rooms
  • Applies, adjusts and removes casts, splints, braces and other DME products according to the physician’s order
  •  Draws up injectable medications
  • Prepares and maintains supplies and equipment for treatments, including sterilization
  • Performs patient education when appropriate; to include instructions in cast and splint care and on use of medication.
  • Logs and dispenses medications to patients
  • Calls in medications to pharmacy and documents in EMR according to established protocols
  • Disposes of contaminated items according to OSHA guidelines
  • Ensures the charge slip for each office visit is accurate and complete
  • Ensures all forms are accurate, complete and signed prior to giving to patient
  • Ensures all patient documents for completed office visits are set to “ok/ready” to ensure proper electronic filing in patient chart


  • Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA and compliance guidelines established by the practice
  • Maintains detailed knowledge of computer software as it relates to job functions
  • Attends CPR and OSHA training programs as required
  • Maintains certifications and registrations per state quidelines
  • Attends all regular meetings
  • Performs all other tasks and projects assigned by the Manager or Physician


EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:                                  

  • High school diploma required
  • CMA certificate required
  • Training in X-Ray



  • At least 1 year experience in X-Ray
  • Experience in orthopaedics is strongly preferred
  • Proficient using email and word processing software
  • Knowledge of electronic health record software and digital imaging software
  • Pleasant speaking voice and demeanor
  • Good communication skills
  • Neat, professional appearance



Athletic Trainer – Clinical Setting

General Job Description:

The athletic trainer is the liaison between the patient, the medical doctors or
their support staffs, and the medical assistant. Job includes following the patient from the time of arrival to
their time of departure and making sure all the patient’s and doctors needs are met to provide the best
physician/patient experience as possible.

Supervision Received:

Reports directly to the clinic manager.

Physical Demands:

Possible lifting, bending, walking, kneeling, stretching, and stooping. Requires eyehand
coordination and manual dexterity to allow for suture or staple removal. Requires normal hearing and
eyesight to allow for patient interaction and transfer of patient information from the patient to pen chart.
Need to have the ability to handle high amounts of stress.

Typical Working Conditions:

Fast paced orthopedic medical practice environment. Occasional night or
early morning hours as well as the possibility for overtime. Must be able to adjust and adapt to changing



Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for following new patient care from check in to check out.
  2. Liaison between patient, medical assistant, physician or physician office staff.
  3. Responsible for escorting patients from the registration lounge to the exam room, cast room, or Xray
    waiting area.
  4. Responsible for data collection and data entry (patient history).
  5. Responsible to provide home exercise protocols for patients per the doctor’s request.
  6. Responsible for patient setup and education of electrical modality units.
  7. Responsible for patient brace/crutch fitting and product education.
  8. Responsible for daily stocking of clinic rooms.
  9. Responsible for following all HIPAA regulations and guidelines.
  10. Responsible for following all OSHA guidelines while handling blood or bodily fluids.
  11. Responsible for organization of work time and work areas.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. Provide assistance to medical assistants for stocking and cleaning of all clinic areas. These areas
    include exam rooms, doctor’s stations, closets, and any area patient may have access to. If you see
    paper on the floor pick it up. Clinic exam rooms are to be thoroughly cleaned biweekly or sooner if
    needed. If stock is low or missing restock it and let the clinic coordinator know what product needs
    to be reordered.
  2. Responsible for helping to check in charts the night before patient’s appointment and making sure all
    needed information is in chart: test results, referrals, lab results, ect. If anything is missing call the
    appropriate facility to retrieve the needed information. This should be done prior to the patient being
    seen by the physician.
  3. Responsible for backing up other employees, which may include changing offices, stations, or
  4. Must be able to answer phones, take messages, or transfer patient to appropriate department.
  5. Must be able to communicate with patients, fellow employees, physicians, and physician support
    staff. Remember the patient is always right even when they are wrong.
  6. Must be able to take pulse rate, blood pressure, respirations, and or temperature and determine if any
    of the above is normal or abnormal.
  7. Responsible for suture or staple removal for a postoperative patient.
  8. Responsible for aiding physician in procedures as needed.
  9. Responsible for wound care and wound dressing.
  10. Responsible for drawing up injectables per doctor protocol.
  11. Responsible for maintaining clinic flow between all areas of the clinic.
  12. Opening procedures: Make sure all lights in all patient areas are turned on and all patient rooms are
    cleaned and stocked. Turn on pen tabs. Make sure all the fee tickets and new demographic forms
    are complete. Help with any remaining chart preparation. Look for any test results that may have
    come in over night. Make sure all clinic areas are cleared of dictated charts or papers left by
    previous physicians or physician staff.
  13. Closing procedures: Help make sure all charts are checked in and notes are left for the needs of the
    visit. Help check in X-ray jackets. Check charts to make sure all needed information is in the charts
    for the next day’s visit. Help spray down all exam rooms with disinfectant cleaner and set rooms
    back up. Do not leave gowns on the floor or in the doorway when cleaning and scrubbing
    rooms. Make sure all clinic areas are cleared of dictated charts or papers left by previous
    physicians or physician staff.


Minimum Qualifications


Must possess at least at Bachelors Degree.


Some medical experience preferred but not required.


Must be NATA BOC certified and possess or be in the process of
acquiring licensure, certification or registration from the state.

To apply, please e-mail your CV and resume to with the job title as the subject.

Internship & Student Opportunities

Sports Medicine South offers internships and shadowing experiences in our clinical, physical therapy, and administrative departments for students. The duration of an internship run in accordance with school semesters: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Due to a large interest in internships, we require that all applicants submit an application by the following deadlines:

Internship Season Submission Deadline
Spring November 1st
Summer March 1st
Fall June 1st
Winter October 1st

If you are a student and interested in an internship opportunity with one of our departments, please send an e-mail to with the following information and department representative will contact you with more information if there is availability. **please note all information must be provided in order to be considered**

  • Applicant Name
  • Name of department you with to intern in
  • Name of current School/University you are enrolled in
  • Academic Major
  • Is this for school credit?
  • Please briefly describe your career aspirations and why you feel this internship will benefit you reaching your goals
  • Attach your most current resume to the e-mail
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